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Paper discoveries

Nan Brall was born in 1950 in New York City to the abundance of world-renowned museums and galleries which became an early influence on her engagement in the art world. Nan started her career at Silvermine School of Art, where she frequented workshops on steel sculpting and fervently studied weight, form, and construction. Later life brought her to a different art trajectory and paper became her new favourite medium, allowing for a continued exploration into design without the confines of weight. Nan has often stated that steel kept her close to the ground, while paper let her float up to heaven. Her unique sense of abstraction, translated from the prior work with steel, leads to a rare concentration on the placement of singular pieces. Paper enhanced her sense of construction by the ability to utilize color to create dimension and weight. Nan has her work described as graceful and “filled with a spiritual bent” that encourages viewers to discover their own portals of meaning.