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Maria Mueller – Soothing the Mind

Maria Mueller is a mixed media textile artist, currently based in the south of Germany. She creates authentic ‘textile sculptures’ inspired by nature and its serenity.

Maria’s textile artworks are made using layers of fabric draped into fluid folds contrasted by more structured silk threads. Her art pieces are characterized by minimalistic composition, unaffected naturalism and monochromatic palette. 

Inspired by the beauty of imperfection and transience, Maria strives to create work that grants a sense of calm and tranquility, providing us with a long-needed rest amidst our increasingly hectic everyday lives.

Maria Mueller is also dedicated to sustainability in her art practice. She carefully chooses high-quality materials and chooses techniques that minimize her environmental impact. Her goal is to create a beautiful high-quality artwork while leaving as small of a footprint as possible.

Her art practice is both intuitive and conscious, following the fluid and organic nature of her creations.

Photography: Jennifer Wortham (Jenn and the Camera) and Maria Mueller