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Die Unsichtbare

Self-portraits “Die Unsichtbare” (Invisible in german) comes from my inner feelings of me in some period of my life. When you feel a bit weak, alone and need much love. I dragged these feelings to the surface and tried “make gold out of the pain”. Because art should be actual. It should provoke and have conflict to start moving. Even It is just inner experience or reflections. We have to move through all the discomfort. We can’t sit and just wait. I know that “Die Unsichtbare” helped some people to start being more conscious of themselves. It was the point where the questions “Who I am and Why”, “Whom I wanna be”, “Where I wanna go” and “What should I do to be where I wanna be”? Art is a language. I think all ideas for our art come to us from special spheres for a reason. And “Die Unsichtbare” is just a little step to a big deal: be ourselves and to stop being invisible. Everything is connected. As more we are open to the Universe, as more we are fearless and genuine as much we increase our vibrations and attract necessary events, people and lessons, which we have to learn to grow and move on. In the end it should lead us to the feeling of complete and to the happiness and love we all deserve.

Model/Photographer: Ekaterina Yakyamseva