Каждую пятницу мы ходим в гости к художникам

Наш телеграм

Sketches by Nadezda Vorontsova

I am painting from life. My painting style is realistic and I need a character not to deceive art lovers! More than 10 years ago, when I was studying at the art college of Krasnoturyinsk, every time I defined a plan – I visited the OBJECT to collect material for future paintings. It was not easy, but it helped me to go all the way, to achieve the result with overcoming all troubles. This experience helps me now.
What I mean by visiting an object?
I look for better view, perspective and take a photo, draw a sketch. This is a whole stage of work, the stage of search and selection. You can’t throw it overboard.
Mainly, I use my photos. But sometimes I am missing my own material for plot layouts. Then I resort for help to online sources.
To work with photos efficiently you need accumulated field success. An artist should collect only what he needs from a photo, something should be avoided, something is supposed to be assumed. Photo and working with nature – is the only part of creative work, where the creation of painting has a crucial importance.