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Body of clay. Jeff Muhs

Who believed in you as an artist at the beginning of your artistic journey? 

Well, I would say that my parents were the first to believe that I had some artistic ability. My father was a wood sculptor, and he taught me the art of wood sculpting from an early age. I guess I showed some propensity for it. I’m certain it was my mother that saw to it that I was able to receive the education of my choice at the School of Visual Arts in New York. I don’t remember if anyone considered whether or not I could make a living as an artist, although I was raised in the community where people could patronize artists. 

Whose support (family, professional community) was important to you at the beginning of your work?

Throughout my life as an artist it’s been family, friends, teachers, other artists and gallerists whose support I relied on to continue on, which at certain times can be a difficult path for an artist. One thing I have always been blessed with is the support of collectors of my work. For an artist to have people who are willing to own his work helps a lot to facilitate the creation of more work. 

Is it hard for an artist to experience a lack of support?

I think of support as a positive reaction people have to my art. An artist is a performer by nature. A performer relies on an audience to respond, hopefully favorably, to their offering. I think that without that interaction it would be difficult to continue in a constructive manner.